"Failed to load realm" error when reopened Figma Widget

Hi everyone! Currently experiencing some difficulties while developing my Figma Widget. Yesterday it was working just fine but today when I restarted Figma (and Visual Studio Code oc) i got several error messages and warnings (see screenshot) plus the Widget is not viewable anymore. Most present error whenever I reset widget state is “failed to load realm”. Does anyone know what went wrong here and how to fix this? Thank you!

> Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED
> Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403()
> Access to image at … has been blocked by CORS policy
> failed to load realm

I am getting the “failed to load realm” message too - everything was working fine yesterday and now my in development plugin won’t load. I tried removing and re-adding the local version of the plugin and that didn’t help. The published version runs fine, just not the one running of my machine.

@Anna_Mitterhauser I got my plugin working again.

I had the “Use developer VM” option enabled, and it would seem that either that is no long working, or perhaps it needs something set up differently - either way, after disabling the developer VM, my plugin loads up again.

@Mark_Hampton Also did the trick for me, my plugin is working again! Thank you so much

@Mark_Hampton hey! how can i disable the developer VM? i have the same issue with a plugin. UPD: I found it, for everyone looking: Plugins that are currently being developed (those in the “Plugins > Development” menu) can be run in the Developer VM by checking the “Plugins > Development > Use Developer VM” option. When the option is enabled, these plugins will run in the browser’s JavaScript engine, so that developer tools can be used.