Extra 1 "ghost pixel" (Bug report: 2023.05)

The bug was discussed in 2021 for adding 1 extra pixel on each side over png export still exists.

For example, I have a circle with dimensions 400x400 in Figma and when exported in my Mac folder, it shows 401x401px. Which is not compatible with the device interface I’m working on…

Of course, a possible solution could be to scale the original component in Figma to 399x399, but should we cheat like this? Is this sustainable?

Any advice?

Hi @Ralev.com the cause of the extra pixel is typically related to either the size or position of an element being a decimal point value.

You can either manually change its coordinates or size to the nearest whole pixel from the Properties Panel, or using the Round to Pixel function from the Quick Actions menu.

This happens to me from time to time as well, especially with PNG

Here is my solve
Ensure the desired export frame/object position is exact on the canvas
Set the x & y position to 0
then export & you won’t have + or - any pixels

To speed things up use plugin

  • Select your desired export
  • quick actions activate plugin
  • x=0,y=0
  • Now export

id also suggest export presets pluginhttps://www.figma.com/community/plugin/933557553455124671/Export-Presets

Hope that helps

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