Expose instance property while keeping structure

While we set to expose nested instance’s property, we can easily adjust them in the property panel. As I try to get the exposed instance’s property through plugin api, my method is to get all exposed instances of one node, and read their componentProperties each.

Now here’s the problem, I discover that every nested instance (no matter what parent they’re under) is in the top instance’s exposedInstance property. It’s kind of hard to sort them out to be of right nesting structure and in my case I need the right structure.

So I think if we could get exposed instances’ property by their structure through api, while not breaking the property panel (cuz adjusting them all in the top level is easy), that’ll be more convenient.

Thanks for the feedback, @Chaine!

We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration. Don’t forget to also Vote up top! We use Votes from the community to gauge overall interest from the community.