Exporting artwork to SVG with applied attributes

Hi there,

I have a piece of artwork created in Figma consisting of 3 separate pieces. In Figma, I have separate colors and opacities for the shape. When I go to export the artwork to an SVG, the attributes making it unique appear to be lost.

Is it possible to export as an SVG and include the artworks properties?

Hi there!
Which applied attributed don’t work on your end? If your issue is similar to this one: Invalid ID attribute when exporting as an SVG This is a longstanding bug that our engineers are aware of and tracking.

While we unfortunately cannot provide an ETA on when this may be resolved, I can add your case to our open bug report to hopefully give this more visibility.
In the interim, the best work around we can suggest is to modify your SVG data manually to match the SVG specifications. We apologize for the inconvenience!

If it is not the same bug, please reach out to the support team with details of your bug so our technical specialists can investigate: here