Export Panel is Missing on Dev Side/View

Missing Export Panel on developer’s view. They see a message saying that my file has Export functions disabled.

My Figma file has been enabled to the appropriate setting for allowing users (with View Only) to Copy, Share, and Export elements. This was an option I found in the “Share” prompt window.

My understanding from Figma’s documentation that users with “View” permissions SHOULD allow them to see an Export panel on the right-hand side. However, my team is getting the messaging that they cannot export anything in the Export panel.

I’m dumbfounded on what else I am missing. (Note: These users, development team, already have been invited to my Figma file.) In the meanwhile, I have granted them “Edit” access to get through the obstacle.

I’ve already searched for this question on the forum here and I came up with no resolution to my existing problems, despite having gone through all of my Settings and documentation on Figma.

My Figma is up to date.

The enabled setting “Allow viewers to copy, share, and export from this file” should have worked. If this is not the case, you need to submit a bug report to support.