Export & import Problem in Figma

Recently, I exported and imported some of the projects From A account to B account and the problem is when exporting to the B account the project isn’t up to date some data not shown in B account where I imported the project

@Aiota_Technologies You mentioned that you have two accounts (A and B).

So if I understand: you are exporting a file from account A, and then importing that file to account B.

When you do that, you notice issues with the file you’ve imported into account B, in the sense that there are things missing (objects, components, etc.)

In the original file you have in account A, are you using components that are part of a library?

Yes, the A account is our main account where we designed some projects and now unfortunately we are planning to move those projects to the B account, in the process, we are facing some issues in 1st project we faced a missing page and in the 2nd project we faced missing screen issue. I’m not sure if its an exporting issue or importing issue.

Hmm, it’s not clear to me exactly what the issue is, but I’m not convinced this is an issue on the import/export level specifically. I think the issue lies in the file transfer you are trying, with a mix of library factors (if I understood your response, you said yes to using components that are part of a library in the files on account A).

At this point, there’s not much I can answer or provide guidance on. This will need a deeper look from support – please file a ticket here, and someone will assist you: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360005944714

Note that Figma is observing the New Year holiday at the moment, so responses will be delayed. Thanks for your understanding in the meantime.