Export artboard size issue

I believe I found a bug with exporting. This same thing happens for SVG, PNG and JPG, but oddly works fine in PDF.

Lets say I have an icon and its in 24x24 square frame, if its not sitting on a whole number on the grid (for example its at 255.5, 400), it will get exported out as 25x24, or vice versa, depending on its location.

This is problematic for our team as we’ve designed an icon library inside Figma and they need to be exported out at their actual size. I know we can move them all, but thats going to be rather time consuming. Just wanted to share and see if anyone had any thoughts.

Hey Brie, thank you for raising this bug with us! Unfortunately this a long standing bug. I am going to share your post internally, the team is working on a fix.

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It does warn you in the export - red text on the export schematic. Turn on pixel snapping to stop it in the future. I think you could probably reposition them all automatically using a big auto layout.

I did finally see the warning, but it only shows up if you’re exporting from the top dropdown, not the export panel on the right side. The autolayout fix is our current solution, and good idea on pixel snapping. Thanks!