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Export All Figma Files

I currently have over 100 Figma files that I would like to save as .fig. I would like to back these files up so I can import them under a new account. I only see an option to transfer ownership which will not help in this case. I know that you can export and save individual files but that becomes super tedious and time-consuming to open and export more than 100 Figma files.

Is there an option or plugin available to export all of your Figma files? If not, an option to export all files from your team or project would be very helpful.



Here is how you can can duplicate many files to another account quickly without saving local copies:

  1. Create a free starter team and add both your accounts there as editors.
  2. Select all files you want to move to the new account (you can cmd + click/shift + click or drag the selection area around them to select multiple files quickly).
  3. Drag and drop them into the project in the new team that you created.
  4. Go to the second account, select all files in the project (Cmd/Ctrl + A).
  5. Right click the selection and choose “Duplicate X files”. They will be duplicated to the Drafts folder in the current account.
    Context menu when files are selected: Duplicate files and Delete files actions are shown.
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Thank you so much, Gleb! I successfully duplicated and transferred 169 files over to a new account. Thanks for sharing those easy to understand steps. Much appreciated :slight_smile: