Expanded view of comments

The current view of comments is hard to use because you have to hover over each one to see them in full with the context of where they are placed. I find myself repeatedly opening each one while brainstorming or viewing feedback.

My idea is that when the user hits C on their keyboard (or another shortcut), they can see a slightly expanded view which includes the first comment in a thread and the # of comments in the thread (Screenshot 2).

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Some comment threads become long and rather important during the design process.
Discussing a hot topic on this narrow comment pop-up is a bad discussion experience that narrows down your wording and thinking capabilities. :man_shrugging:

Hi @Hillel_Aharon ,
Thank you for your feedback! I merged your topic with another to gather all the feedback in one place, as others in the community have requested something similar. :slight_smile:

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