Errors When Changing Component Instance's Variant Property with Code

Hello everyone,
I’ve been trying to change the value of a Variant Property on a component using setProperties() but every time I do it, despite the action getting completed, I’m getting some pretty ugly looking errors (posted at the end).

I can see the properties list in plain sight when I log out the InstanceNode, but when I change the property value, there’s just a ton of red in my console. Any idea what could be causing these errors? Saw a similar post here but I couldn’t find a fix that worked for me. Thanks in advance!



  • Sentry event id: …
  • Uncaught Error: “Unexpected: _dirty” in ~SymbolOverrider (FGSymbolOverrider.cpp)
  • Uncaught Error: “Unexpected: scene()->mutationsAreDisallowed()” in set (FGNode.cpp)
  • Uncaught Error: “It shouldn’t even be possible for a read-only scene graph observer to recurse.” in handleObserverEvent (FGSceneGraphEvent.h)

similar problem as of mine…

Any solution for this?

The errors mentioned in the first post do not come from the plugin, but from the Figma source code. Report it directly to support, including steps to reproduce, source code, file link, and any other additional information.

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