Errors When Changing Component Instance's Variant Property with Code

Hello everyone,
I’ve been trying to change the value of a Variant Property on a component using setProperties() but every time I do it, despite the action getting completed, I’m getting some pretty ugly looking errors (posted at the end).

I can see the properties list in plain sight when I log out the InstanceNode, but when I change the property value, there’s just a ton of red in my console. Any idea what could be causing these errors? Saw a similar post here but I couldn’t find a fix that worked for me. Thanks in advance!



  • Sentry event id: …
  • Uncaught Error: “Unexpected: _dirty” in ~SymbolOverrider (FGSymbolOverrider.cpp)
  • Uncaught Error: “Unexpected: scene()->mutationsAreDisallowed()” in set (FGNode.cpp)
  • Uncaught Error: “It shouldn’t even be possible for a read-only scene graph observer to recurse.” in handleObserverEvent (FGSceneGraphEvent.h)