Error with Storybook Connect Plugin

When I try to connect Storybook / Chromatic using the Storybook Connect plugin I get an error

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'controller')

Has anyone else seen this? I can see the rest of storybook is embedded, but the component in the main canvas doesn’t render.

Hello @amanda14! Thank you for getting in touch about the Storybook Connect plugin!

To assist you further, I have moved your topic to the Plugin and Widget API category. Here, you can engage with other developers who work with plugins and widgets, and they may have insights on the error code you are experiencing.

If you have any questions about a plugin from the community, you can also reach out directly to the plugin’s owner. You can provide feedback in the comments section on the plugin page or send them a message using the support email provided on the right side of the page here: Storybook Connect

I hope this information is useful to you! If anyone in our community has suggestions or input, please feel free to join the conversation!

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