Error when changing value of imported variant?

I’m getting this error when changing the status of a variant from true to false with the setProperties function

`Uncaught Error: “Unexpected: _dirty” in ~SymbolOverrider (FGSymbolOverrider.cpp)

Uncaught Error: “Unexpected: scene()->mutationsAreDisallowed()” in set (FGNode.cpp)

Uncaught Error: “It shouldn’t even be possible for a read-only scene graph observer to recurse.” in handleObserverEvent (FGSceneGraphEvent.h)

My code is like this


can you provide the code where component is defined?

Hey Jack, the main code is right below. But the error is not in the component. This error only happens when I change the Header variant in the Box

import { on, showUI, once } from '@create-figma-plugin/utilities'

import { ResizeWindowHandler } from './types'

export default function () {
    function (windowSize: { width: number; height: number }) {
      const { width, height } = windowSize
      figma.ui.resize(width, height)

  function handleSubmit ( valueInput: any, stateComponent: any, valueButton: any) {

    interface Button {
      value: string | boolean,
      count: number

    interface Trackers {
      value: string,
      type: string

    const trackers: Trackers[] = [];

    const buttons: Button[] = [];

    valueButton.forEach((i: { value: string, count: number; }) =>{
      if (valueButton.length === 0 && valueButton[0].value.length === 0) {
        const newButton: Button = {
          value: false,
          count: 0
      } else {
        const newButton: Button = {
          value: `${i.value}`,
          count: i.count

    interface Body {
      header: string;
      body: string;
      footer: string;

    interface Component {
      plataforma: string;
      tipo: string;
      corpo: Body;
      botoes: any[];

    const component:Component = {
      plataforma: stateComponent.plataforma,
      tipo: stateComponent.tipo,
      corpo: {
        header: valueInput.header,
        body: valueInput.content,
        footer: valueInput.footer
      botoes: buttons
    (async () => {

      let importComponent = await figma.importComponentByKeyAsync('***')
      let instance = importComponent.createInstance()
      let page = figma.root.children[0];    
      const nodes = figma.currentPage.findAllWithCriteria({
        types: ['INSTANCE']

      const elementNames: string[] = [
        'Component', 'Header', 'Content', 'Input', 'Rodapé', 'Botões Quickreply'

      const elements: Record<string, any> = {};

      for (const node of nodes) {
        const index = elementNames.indexOf(;
        if (index !== -1) {
          elements[elementNames[index]] = node;

      const {
        'Component': Component,
        'Header': Header,
        'Content': Box,
        'Input': Content,
        'Rodapé': Footer,
        'Botões Quickreply': BtnQuickReply
      } = elements;


      Content.setProperties({ 'Text#211:1': component.corpo.body })
      Footer.setProperties({ 'Text#520:0': component.corpo.footer })
      Box.setProperties({ Header : 'true' })


  on('SUBMIT', handleSubmit)

    width: 440,
    height: 740

I believe the property name "Header" should be something like "Header#00:0" similar to the Text property names above it. You should be able to find that name in importComponent.componentPropertyDefinitions.

Also, can you confirm, is the Header property a boolean or a string for the component? The only other possible thing I see wrong on that line is if you should be saying:

Box.setProperties({ "Header#0:0": false });

instead of

Box.setProperties({ "Header#0:0": 'false' });

Box is an instance of the component. This instance actually has the Header property and the value is a string.


The expected action happens, but I keep getting an error that looks like figma rendering itself.

Oh I see, this is a variant. That naming makes sense then. When you say “the expected action happens” are you saying that the code works but there’s also an error?

Exactly, the code works, the component is created and the variant value changed, but the error appears in the console.

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i dont think this is your fault. other people are reporting it happening in other scenarios we’re looking into it. thanks for bringing this up!