Enhancement Request: Ability to Resolve a Comment via the API


As the Comments API endpoint is the only one that allows POST it is going to play a critical role in a compliance validator tool of an internally developed webapp’s implementation to its design within Figma our company is developing. I just realized however there is a gap between our need and the Comment endpoint’s capability: which is, the ability to mark a Comment as Resolved via a POST method (or PUT, to be compliant with best practices).

The need is to not litter the design page with Comments added via the API by the design compliance validator tool. So the plan was to immediately mark comments added by it as resolved. That was to be an important part of a user friendly implementation we had initially thought we would be able to do.

I am therefore making this request that you enhance the endpoint by adding the ability to mark comments resolved. Via whatever mechanism you feel is appropriate: be that by supporting the resolved_at parameter in the payload body in addition to message and client_meta, or a path parameter, or name/value parameter. Please advise if this gets accepted and put on your backlog.

Thank you for your time and hopefully consideration.

Best Regards,


Has this ever been addressed? I am building a tool to help maintain comments for large projects and I cannot understand why this isn’t a feature. We need the ability to resolve comments.

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