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Enhanced prototyping link feature

As you can see that I only have 4 main navigation bar. It is a mess to be honest. So what I have to do at first is:

  1. Create 4 main components
  2. Duplicate each component as instances
  3. Link the main component to each page so that instances inherent the linking behaviour

We can get rid of all this linking webs. Why not add a global navigation UI between each prototype ?

I have added a navbar to all my desktop mockups, complete with dropdowns.

When I’m in prototyping mode it’s impossible to spot the connections between frames and elements because the navbar adds so many

  1. Can I hide the connections to and from a specific component, so all the header connections are hidden?
  2. Is there a better way to organise this? Both to share the navigation between every frame (I’ve used a component) and also the dropdowns? I’ve ended up with each dropdown in a separate frame, positioned correctly for the navbar. But “Close when clicking outside” isn’t working, making the experience clunky

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@Peter_B yea totally agree. It is a mess so I think we need to have a better feature organizing all the links and have a separate global navigation

When iam working on complex app, it is really confusing to see through all the connections. Lines are everywhere and you dont see frames behind them.

I would implement same thing framer does. You dont see all the connections, but they are only visible when you click on specific frame, it just show the lines between active frame and others that are connected to it.

Maybe you can implement this as an option to enable if you want this feature?

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