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Enable seeing comments from the master file also in the branches

Hi, I stumbled across this issue as I wasn’t able to read the comments of the master file in the branch. I always need to switch back and forth to incorporate feedback from reviewers and this is very annoying.

Thanks for this feedback. I’ll have to double check with the team, but I think this is unfortunately by design.

I’m thinking through how we might do this better in the future, but it gets pretty complicated in my head. For example, if an object is moved and changed, does the comment move with it? If the comment is resolved in a branch, is it also resolved in main?

One thing that might help is to open up the main branch and the brahcn you are working in in two different windows. To do this, you can use cmd-shift-N to open a new window on the desktop (or in the browser, just open a new browser window)