Embedding In Notion Doesn't Work

I am trying to embed my prototype in Notion, and I’m following this youtube tutorial Figma+Notion | Use Figma Prototypes inside of Notion! - YouTube, my team is on a professional plan, however when I embed it, there isn’t an option to fit to screen, or any of the side bars options, just an enlarged preview of the prototype.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Hey there,

Are you by any chance using the Notion app?

Embedded Figma files only work in browser-based applications. To use embedded files in Notion, you must use Notion in the browser and not the desktop application.

Is this answer still accurate? Im having a similar issue with the Desktop app (macOS) and sometimes I can embed and see the Figjam/Figma file in the macOS desktop app, and sometimes I see nothing?