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Embedded live previews of Frames in Slack integration

It would be amazing if Figma’s Slack integration offered live previews of individual Frames that you could post in channels. I find myself sharing a PNG copied from Figma to communicate design updates, but when changes happen, I have to rinse and repeat that process if people aren’t jumping into the files themselves.

It’s often easier to just send static images and get immediate discussions going in Slack versus using Figma’s commenting system.

How cool would it be to have live previews of a selected frame from a Figma file embedded straight into a Slack post?

Slack shortcut workflow would be something like:

  1. “Embed frame from Figma file”
  2. Paste URL to Figma file
  3. Select from dropdown the Frame you want to embed

Click Share, and you have a preview that updates at an interval. It wouldn’t even need to be realtime, but maybe having a refresh action/button on those embeds would tell Figma to fetch the latest preview.

Clicking the embedded image would display a full-size preview in Slack, just like other images, and the embed would also provide a link / button to View in Figma.