Embed crashing mobile browsers

I noticed the other day that my site was crashing on mobile Safari. I tried in mobile Chrome (and in incognito), and it crashed too.

I’ve been troubleshooting it for a while, and it only happens with two (or more) embeds from Figma. The page will continue to reload until it errors out.

The error in Safari says: A problem repeatedly occurred on “…”

On Chrome: Can’t open this page.

It works if I have an embed from Figma and one from another source.

It works with multiple embeds from other sources.

It works with one embed from Figma

Is anyone else encountering this?

Hey Chris! It looks like you filed a support ticket to have this looked at – going to close this topic, but please reopen a new one if you have a separate question or would like to start another general conversation :smiley: