Editing Instances: Reflects on Board but not in Prototype

Hi all!

So I create some demos for my jobs that show our product offerings. I made a whole “design system” (loosely put, it’s just a set of a bunch of components) for this and have to create branded versions to send out to clients. Whenever I grab from the assets folder and make changes to say the button color, or corner radius, the changes reflect on the board, but when I present the prototype, it only plays the default state. The only fix Ive found to alleviate this is to have all the main components being used on the same page but to my knowledge, needing to do that defeats the purpose of having a published library of assets? Am I just missing something or is this a bug?

Hey @Madi_Mathews, thanks for reaching out!

We can see that you also reached out to support directly and share access to your file on ticket #808349. Caroline is already reviewing your file and should provide an update for you today!