Edit Access Issue with Figma Dev Mode for Professional Plan

Gaëtan I think you’re wrong, and that Dennis is right.
I’m on a Pro Plan.
If you look at my screenshot, the red frame shows the dev seat I’ve approved after a request.
They are listed as full design seat (that’s misleading)
But in fact, they can not edit the file because they don’t have the design panel.

To be sure of this, I requested with another account a dev access, and I wasn’t able to edit.

That said it’s still a pain to admin

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@Fred_Tinsel we’ve tried, and after approving the mislabeled “edit design” request and being automatically bombarded to Full seat, the team members are able to edit the design (mess around with the components, move stuff around, etc.). I don’t know why different team accounts seem to behave differently.

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Sorry for you

+1 here. Just found my Figma file full of random edits by a developer.

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Same issue, I can’t give editor seats to developers as the files can get corrupted but I need to give them access to the info.

The minimum solution is to set the Dev mode as a separate license type or allow viewer mode.

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Same issue.

+1 on this

How is this still not fixed months after Dev Mode came out? Figma, please get your s*** together.

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@Figma please share a resolution!


This need looking at.

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I tried this, it doesn’t work. They still can edit :expressionless:

+1 and not only dev mode… Edit and Viewers permissions are broken in general. All people can edit everything and they made in my organization a mess due this issue. I had to block and hide all the design system to keep it safe.

Fix this assap!!!

I have the same issue. Two of our developers were somehow given edit access even though none of our designers (who should have edit access) approved any request to edit. I only received this email:

I also sent a message to Figma’s customer support, hope they can help me sort this out.

I got the reply from the Figma team:

"Once a user has full permission, viewer-restricted is the only permission they can be changed to. Viewer and viewer-restricted are the same in that they are both free and can leave comments, however viewer-restricted is preferred as it requires admin/owner approval before upgrading to a paid seat unlink [I assume this should be “unlike”?] viewer who can self-upgrade without notice [emphasis mine] by making an editing action.

If you’d like to prevent additional charges in the future, you can easily do that by setting your user type to ‘Viewer-Restricted’ as default. This setting will require Admin approval for a user to be upgraded to a paid seat. Our Help Center article provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the setting."

I now set the default user type to viewer-restricted (and changed all current viewers to that, too). It confuses me (and viewers) that viewers can self-upgrade without notice.