Easy way to restore deleted variable collections

Our design token collection (variables) was accidentally deleted. Would be nice if there could be a restore action or trashcan concept for retrieving deleted collections.

Perhaps archiving could be interesting as well.

Hey @Kasper_Vervliet - I slightly modified your topic title to make it easier for others to find, and noted your feedback.

As a workaround in the meantime, you can use version history to restore a previous version of your file to bring back the collection[s] that were deleted.

I have the same issue and unfortunately restoring previous versions of the file don’t recover deleted variables for me.

I’d recommend reaching out to support (if you haven’t already) – this will need intervention that can’t be provided via the forum, unfortunately.

You can reach out to them here:

Submit a bug form →

Hi there,
we have the same issue here. Also restoring via file history does not work.
Strange thing is, that we cannot even restore variable collection from open branches (so keeping the color-variables that are still in the branch)… while updating from master, Figma is removing the variables in the branch, too, although we defined “keep from branch” … :frowning:

I’ve also reached out to support, but unfortunately haven’t got a reply yet.

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hi, me also got the same issue. Did you get answer?

actually only that they’ll further investigate.
Hence we had to recreate all variables manually and re-link them to our components :frowning:

We had the same issue but managed to restore them via Version History, did you try that?
Ours where still in a WIP process so they where not pulblished yet so maybe that’s why we managed to restore via version history. Hope we get some answers on why it happened.