Dynamic height for auto layout wrap

In Figma, I’m working with a design that involves three cards within an auto layout configuration. My goal is to achieve two key behaviors:

  1. Equal Height Across Cards: When these cards are aligned next to each other horizontally, they should all maintain an equal height, ensuring a uniform appearance.
  2. Content-Dependent Sizing: In scenarios where the cards do not share a row (e.g., when viewed on a narrower screen or in a different layout context), each card should adjust its height dynamically to snugly fit its content.

Is it possible to configure auto layout wrap to accommodate these requirements? Specifically, I’m looking for a way to make the containers simultaneously fill available height when aligned together and adjust to hug their content when they’re not sharing the same row.


Hey @Mani_Noroozi, thanks for reaching out!

It’s possible to have all cards fill vertically on the same row, but it’s not possible to have them hug when they wrap to multiple rows, without changing their settings to Hug.

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I’m facing the same issue too. I have 9 cards being wrapped in auto-layout. 3 cards in a row should follow the tallest card of that row. The next row should follow it’s own tallest card. I am not able to achieve this.