Dynamic Fonts feature for Figma

Responsive design is among the most valuable things in UI and UX design. It can be impactful for cross-platform products to improve user experience. Despite being useful, It isn’t effortless, as well as being time-consuming. In this article, we will introduce a new concept for improving the responsive design in Figma.

Most of us, as designers and developers, struggled with responsive fonts in Figma. We spend plenty of time on responsive fonts there. And now, imagine what happens if you have more than three breakpoints for each artboard. That’s when Dynamic Fonts will come in handy.

We designed a new approach for this feature. We called this feature Dynamic Font with the DF abbreviation.

You can read the full case study on Behance:


This feature can save a lot of time for me and others , also figma must add responsive option too.

Dynamic fonts need more customize option and i think they must change when you make screen smaller by a persenteage and if you guys can add a guide line for device’s and every operation system b screen inside this feature would be greate

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