Duplicate a branch

You can duplicate a file, and create a branch of the current file but when your in a branch you can only duplicate to a new file not a new branch. I always have this need I create a branch and don’t want extra files I just want to create extra branches off of the branch not the original file which has been significantly modified at this point.


+1. I found this by searching for a way to duplicate branches, because our team has the same need. Would love to see this added in a future release.

Thanks for your feedback, @Jason_Hetu & @Jessi_Brown!

We’ll pass it along to our team for future consideration. Be sure to also Vote up top, so we have an accurate gauge of interest within the community.

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Thank you! Voted.

I’ll also say that if we could merge only selected elements, it would meet this need (for my team, at least) with a lot of other benefits to boot.

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