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Merge only select elements

Maybe on confused on how the feature works. If the team is using for ideation and keeping the master branch clean for devs and clients. When it comes time to push elements from a branch to the master file, currently it pushes the entire branch. This is pointless. We don’t want all the ideation, all the options, all the throw away work, just the version that we moved forward with.

Currently we need to make a new branch we call “to be merged” and we need to copy just the artboards that are approved into the new branch then merge from there. This feels like to many steps and is complicated on a team of 4 designers. Shouldn’t there be an option to select just the artboards, components, styles, etc that we want to bring forward and leave all the other work in the archived branch incase we need to go back and grab something from it in the future?
Pushing everything makes the feature feel useless because you’re either deleting all your ideation or creating “merge” branches to make sure you don’t lose your work.


1000% Agreed!!!

When working on edits sometimes people get it right on the first try and others might take some time. I only want to pull in the approved updates and leave the rest. All you would need to do is add some sort of select/,multiselect feature on the “Review & Merge Changes” screen.

This could be very similar to how the current library updates work. The library update isn’t an “all or nothing” you can pick specifically which updates you want to pull into your file. The same should apply to this merging functionality. This missing piece of functionality is crucial.


This feature is definitely a must for working with branches.

The use cases are as follows:

Exploratory work and variants
Often in my branches there are exploratory ideas and variants that don’t make it back into the main branch (spec) in the end and therefore should not be merged. Currently there is no way to keep them in the branch and bring the branch back without these changes.

Unintended and accidental changes
Sometimes small and subtle changes happen to frames, layers or components that I recognize during the merge and that I know I don’t want to bring back to the main branch. Like a dialog or menu that has been moved one or two pixels. Undoing these changes before bringing the branch back is time-consuming and unnecessary. It would be easier to just drop them.

I strongly second this request.

Also, is there a rough estimate when something like this can be completed? will updates be released continuously or in versions?

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Totally agree, will be nice to have more GIT like flow for Figma branching.

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