Double-click on layer puts cursor at end of the layer name

Greetings all. I noticed since yesterday that when I double-click on layer to rename it, it puts the cursor at the end of the layer name.

This used to work differently before, as double-clicking would result in the whole layer name selected, and I can easily rename the layer. Now I have to be careful to check that the cursor is not at the end of the layer name.

I tested it a few times, it seems to work on and off (whole layer name selected VS cursor at the end of layer name).

This sounds related to another thread, but this is not about using CMD + R to rename as i don’t have a habit of doing that: Selecting name of a Layer in a Layers Panel

Here’s a short recording of the issue:

Hey thanks for flagging. We received same reports and our engineering fixed it. So, could you try to reload the tab and try changing the layer name to see if the issue was resolved?


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Yes it is working fine now, thanks Figma team!