Don't kill drafts

Whenever I try to open a file from the community, I’m now required to assign a team to this new file. Additionally, in the drafts section, it feels like Figma wants us to move our drafts to a new team project by renaming the Drafts tab to “Drafts to move.”

I understand that Figma’s goal is to push users into using projects to increase the adoption of plans, which could boost revenue. However, after Adobe’s TOS scandal, I’m worried about potentially needing to leave Figma if drafts become limited. I currently have over 99 drafts, and moving them would be a hassle.

Additional feedback: I find teams very unintuitive and prefer to centralize my solo projects in drafts. I often forget I have files in a team’s Drafts section. It would be great if the team preview could show both Drafts and Projects on the same page.