Don't have access to Figma team library

I have a big problem.

I have a Figma file in which I have all my screens with components. These components are located in a Figma library. I am a Figma admin and I can see my Figma library in my Figma file (all enabled).

However when I go to a component in the figma file and I click on “Go to main component in library” an error message appears “you don’t have access to this file” (see the attached file).

If anyone has an answer I am very interested.

Waiting for a feedback from the community,

I wish you all the best…

Hi @amina_amin,
Sorry to hear you’re having trouble to access your file!

The screen recording is not attached. Could you please send to our support team your screen recording and the URL of the file that contains the main component, so that they can have a closer look at where this file is located? HERE

Potentially it might be located in a private team or an invite-only folder. These could be reasons why you are unable to access it.

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