Do border radius variables/tokens work on triangles and irregular shapes?

I’ve got variables scoped for various border radiuses (radii). Then I’ve created tokens for their usage.

They seem to work just fine when being applied to symbols, frames and rectangles, so all good for using them on buttons, UI cards, etc. However, I’d hoped to use a 1px radius token to be applied to the vector shapes of my iconography and it seems that you can’t apply either a variable or a token to shapes other than a rectangle. Simplest example is that the border radius token works for my rectangular “stop” button icon, but does not work on my triangular “play” button icon.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 10.37.46 AM

I can select the token, but it is not applied. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a current limitation of Figma border radius variables?

Hi @Sean_Harmann thank you for raising this. I have passed this information along to our engineering team.