Distribution of object in circle

Hello! Does anyone know how to distribute object equally in circle. For example the small circle on the big circle on the picture uploaded ?

If you want to recreate that pattern specifically, you can achieve the same result using strokes:

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Okay thank you!! but then how to make the color of each small circle different? rather than all black or all same color?


This is not a sophisticated solution, but you can do this manually by creating a “star” shape with the desired number of points and align the circles (or whatever) manually, by sight, on the star points. I create a transparent frame with a dot in the middle to help with alignment. I delete the dot later.

There are also several plugins that do this, but in the time you go through all of the plugins and find one that works for you, you I could have used the star method and have been done with it! :slight_smile:

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Here’s another example of how to do it with a gradient:

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What if you wanted to have images distributed around a circle evenly? So instead of it being the stroke/dash to getg the circles it is a rectangle with an image fill?