Display scroll bar in prototype preview mode

Lots of test participants are not seeing a scroll bar and not scrolling in the prototypes, voiding our tests and making the prototypes unsuitable. Would love to see this essential feature updated to give a more real web browsing experience. Thanks

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This is needed for prototype user testing. Its causing issues

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Definitely a major issue, which doesn’t seem too complex to implement.

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Interesting that a tool used by User Experience, UI Designers, Designers, etc. would be designed with no input from their research teams.

Did anyone even ask a UX/Design Researcher if hiding the scroll bar would be OK when running UX/Design Research?!

This may be fine for people who use a MAC, but not for others. (There are actually more people using non-Mac computers than MAC computers. (Linux, Windows, Chrombook).

I was so looking forward to using Figma, but y’all failed me.


I’m new to Figma, and this is one of those things that is just so stunning to me I’m at a loss for words… :astonished:

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+1 big time

+1 need this

It’s insane they still have not fixed this. I keep having to tell people Figma just doesn’t work on its own, too wonky. Gotta wrap it in Maze or something or do screen share.

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We need to see a scrollbar inside the prototype.

  1. because scrollbars actually exist in our products.
  2. because scrollbars exist practically everywhere else.
  3. because scrolling without a mouse on PC often just doesn’t work when conducting user testing.
  4. because you’ve bound the page up and page down keys to the prototype flow.
  5. because it has been years.

Having the same problem, doing user testing and users on Windows machines don’t know they can scroll. Since these are prototypes they already have the expectation that some features won’t work / that it’s incomplete, so that further gives the impression that they can’t scroll.

Even had a user try zooming out in the browser, which did reveal a little more of the page, but it appeared cropped at a certain point so it REALLY looked like there was nothing else to scroll to.

User testing is a HUGE part of what prototypes are for! We need a scrollbar!

Just adding my vote to this after seeing some user testing playbacks and guess what? No scroll bar, no scrolling. That Figma can just casually turn off scroll bars like this shows that they don’t understand a pretty fundamental aspect of interaction design.

+1 also from me

I am web developer and whenever I am given design in Figma I struggle to know what’s scrollable… even in Figma UI. I constantly ask the designer where is the page because it’s not on the list… just to be told that I need to scroll the element that does not seem to be scrollable in the first place!

What struck me is that Figma did actual work, spent actual designer and developer time to introduce an antipattern of hiding scrollbars.

I created a tampermonkey script to reintroduce the scrollbars - and now it’s clear what is scrollable and what is not.

You need to create a new tampermonkey script with GM_addStyle grant and then use the following:

  • {
    scrollbar-color: auto !important;
    scrollbar-width: auto !important;

Prototyping tool without scrollbars = fail. Considering going back to Axure.

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Hey All, thanks for your feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our prototyping team for consideration.

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Agree to this feature request. When prototyping for desktop devices, the scrollbar is not only a visible indicator that there is additional content available, but also indicates the relative amount of new content that is hidden. Interacting and gathering feedback on this content is important to many of our usability labs. It should be relatively simple to implement: just include a checkbox to optionally include the scrollbar for overflow, scrollable content.