Display scroll bar in prototype preview mode

+1. This is an extremely important feature for people who want to show their Figma prototypes to clients.

I constantly do usability testing with prototypes in Figma, it’s really powerful but the only thing that creates a lot of inconvenience during the sessions is the lack of scroll bars. 99% of the time I test with Windows users with laptops which usually are not the latest models. The trackpads on those laptops are crap. It supports only clicks, no gestures like on Mac. And it is a big pain when a user can not scroll the prototype, especially when there are multiple scrollable areas. It is a real pain. I tried to make a fake scrollbars, but in most cases it doesn’t work as well. Figma please consider adding this as an option for scrollable frames.

Agreed with everyone here. I’m in the middle of a round of user testing and the lack of scroll bar on the prototype is a huge issue, especially for older users and PC laptop users. They are literally clicking and dragging to move the page and have no visual feedback of where they are on the page.

We usually prototype in other software, and trying Figma prototyping this time. But we will have to stop using Figma to prototype if this issue is not resolved; it makes the session so difficult.

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Bump. This feature would be ideal for our user testing sessions!

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+1 Please this is needed URGENTLY!

It’s beyond me how BASIC interactive elements like scrollbars, radio buttons etc were not part of the very first release.

+1! necessary!

+1 deff a required feature