Disable 'observe' mode

They’ll never fix it because they think it’s a non-issue. You can disable other people’s mouse on your screen by disabling Multiplayer. They can still see yours, exactly where it is on the screen (everything you’re doing). But since you can hide theirs, figma thinks it’s a non-issue. So they’ll never fix it.

I think a mod even said “just pretend they’re not watching”. Lol, ok are we in 1st grade? They obviously think it’s a non-issue.


Just today I suddenly had several people in my file, on my page watching me work. They were uninvited. Draft mode doesn’t work because I was on a revision of a layout.

Two features would solve this:

  • either a privacy mode where I can quickly set the entire file to temporarily in no-viewing mode
  • Or, viewing preference per page in a file so I can set a page to draft

I know I can set the viewing prefs for the entire file, but then people could not look at other pages in the file. Working is a separate file is not an options due to the components.

Lol probably the exact same mod that has the worst communication on this forum — always communicating in the manner of your example.

It’s interesting how they’re ignoring this topic tho. It would be nice to read their view on this situation.

It is really a gross violation of privacy, especially when I preferred to work on private documents and transfer all the files before a meeting, but the company insists on having people edit in the shared file.

I’ve had managers be extemely offensive and even go back to check the auto-save timings and call me out saying I didn’t work all day because they didn’t see the auto-save, or my icon in the file all day, while I was working in my drafts. I don’t think I should be answerable for where my cursor is or which file I’m working on as long as I have substantial progress before every meeting.

It is especially anxiety-inducing to be working on the shared file and have the manager’s cursor hover over mine as he monitors my moves.

I’ve never been this creepily monitored, and it might as well be an issue to bring up with the higher ups.

Cannot wait for Figma to add an incognito mode or an incognito page so I can work in peace.

@Josh @Figma_Support What is the forecast for meeting this long-awaited solution?


I would like to request this feature as well. Figma is a great collaborative tool and like all good collaborations there are times where people need to be able to create uninterrupted. It’s not a hidden, privacy, or stealth mode. It’s a productivity feature.

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