Developer Statuses / Annotations

With the new addition of dev mode, it’s really bugging me that designers can mark things as ready for development, yet developers cannot “respond”.

I’ve seen a fair share of plugins that allow you to mark top-level components/frames with this really large preset component, but as a developer, I cannot apply this status myself due to lack of write access. With write access however, it would be more useful to create custom status components/icons that we could use as internal indicators that deprecate the need for external status plugins.

I would really love to see Figma create additional statuses within dev mode, that help devs keep track of individual component status. For example, we have a page dedicated to Iconography, and it’s hard to keep track of which icons are implemented, which are new, etc.

It’s unfortunate since status of development may be best marked in a PM tool such as JIRA, but it is the case that:

  1. It takes too long to create tickets for each component
  2. tickets become outdated quickly

So it becomes a huge time-sink trying to keep components in-sync with tickets.
A ticket system in Figma is overkill, what I’m suggesting is at least the introduction of developer status (implemented, in progress, blocked, outdated).

A bonus would be able to hook into version history of components, like the ability to mark components as implemented, to which this status can be marked stale by an update to the component).

Of course, this is mostly just me rambling about wanting something perfect, but I am open to suggestions of how other dev/designer pipelines work!

Hey @Darko_Cejkov, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the frustration!

We hear you. We’ll pass this onto our Dev mode team for future consideration.