Developer Mode - Inspect Tab Pixel Distance has been Removed Breaking My Workflow

I understand why developer mode has been introduced. However, it’s broken my workflow and made things more difficult to design accurately. Previously, I would switch to “Inspect” and use the red lines and pixel reading to very quickly make pixel perfect adjustments. Because I’m well aware that developers need this these distances to be correct, so they don’t need to guess how media queries are changing at each device breakpoint.

Now that you’ve removed the Inspect tab, how can I do this with ease? It was literally the only reason I use Figma. Those red guidelines were a game changer and you’ve removed the only thing that made this application easy to use.

Now, I need to switch to developer mode, for which I cannot control the location of an item with the arrow keys while getting precise feedback of exactly how far off the item is from other items.

This was a really bad change guys and it has completely broken my workflow. I’m now going to need to switch back and forth from Design mode and Developer mode and make changes blind, then switch back to Developer mode, see how far off it is and then switch back to make changes. Over and over. Instead of changing to Inspect mode once, making the changes with direct feedback and then switching back one last time to continue my design.

Please restore this functionality, as it was a quality of life improvement that seperated Figma from other design applications.


I agree. It seems small, but I am constantly checking the pixel measurements of things and making minor adjustments, and so adding even five more seconds of switching back and forth between “I can see the pixels” and “I can move things” makes my work take much, much longer.

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I have the exact same use case. I need this back to the design mode.

I agree, it was more convenient before

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