Dev Mode tooltip covers Design/Prototype buttons


Hey @Ricardo_Pitanga, thank you for reaching out! ’
Could you give me more context on your feedback?

I am seeing this only when I hover over the Dev Mode button and not when I hover over design or prototype. As soon as my mouse leaves the button it vanishes.

Is the display stuck, that you can not access the design and prototype panel?

hi @Gayani_S! When the tooltip appears and I move the mouse to the Design/Prototype buttons, Im still hovering the tooltip, which makes it persist and not fade away. Even if I move the cursor away from the tooltip it takes a while for it to disappear. If I click anywhere else, it goes away. It’s not an huge issue, since it happens only when I accidentaly hover on the Dev Mode button and then want to click on the Design/Prototype buttons. Thanks!

Thanks for the explanation @Ricardo_Pitanga. I understand your frustration, its gets in the way when switching between the design and prototype panel. I’ve shared your feedback with the team.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!

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