Dev mode Measurement feature is somewhat useless

I’m currently using the Figma measure plugin during my design to tech handoff for my less front end savvy tech teams. The best part of this plugin is that it highlights the frame box that I’m measuring against. Since in Web development every HTML elements are modeled as CSS box. Therefore highlighting the frame box in my Figma design for tech handoff is super important, just to give my tech team a high level idea on how to construct the HTML elements and write the CSS code to position those HTML elements.

However, when I played around the Figma dev mode recently, I was hoping it can achieve similar functions like the Figma measure plugin. But the Measurement feature is just useless since my tech team will have no clue that the X pixel measured is between which two layers, especially for a very complex design layout.

Figma measure plugin is free but Figma dev mode is not. I would hope at least Figma dev mode can achieve the same functions like the free plugin, but looks like not. Kind of disappointed.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 4.53.54 PM