Dev mode - Inspect

As a designer, I tend to use inspect mode to review my dimensions and tweak things while in that mode. I don’t like that I can no longer do that since the designer space and dev space are now separated.

Unless I’m using auto layout for everything, it’s annoying to switch between dev and designer mode to review spacing between components.


Does holding down the Option key while moving your mouse around solve the same need?


@Hampus_Svallfors Thanks for the suggestion. That works :star_struck:

I agree. I prefer the previous way that I could switch quickly by using keyboard shortcuts between “design” and “inspect”. Just wonder after Dev mode, if the designer can still have a smooth way to switch between Design and Dev (inspect) mode.


Dragging or resizing an element towards another, while maintaining a specific distance, is an action I frequently perform in Figma. However, I’ve encountered an issue: when holding the Option key to view the distances between elements, the distances disappear during resizing. Additionally, holding the Option key while dragging an element causes it to duplicate, which is an unwanted side-effect. Consequently, my new workflow involves resizing the element through estimation, then holding the Option key to verify if the distance is accurate. If it’s not, I have to resize and guess again. Could someone please advise if I am missing a more efficient method? If there’s no alternative (excluding auto layouts), this has to be the most detrimental update in Figma that I’ve ever seen.

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