Dev mode for all viewers?

I’m thinking about purchasing the Proffessional Figma plan. The main reason for this is that I would like to use Dev mode. However, since I often colaborate with various developers, I would like them to also be able to inspect my files in Dev mode.

If I purchase the Proffessional Figma plan, will other people be able to inspect the files I share with them using Dev mode? Or do they have to buy the Proffessional plan themselves to have this feature available?

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Figma prices are per seat in a team. DEV mode works only within teams. So every developer who wants to have access to DEV mode must be in your team. This means that you as a team owner have to pay for each place for a developer to see the project in DEV mode. And no, they can’t buy their own separate subscription, because then they will have their own one-person team. It also means that if a developer collaborates with different agencies/designers to inspect the project they will be paid each time they are added to the team.

Alternatively they can have their own personal subscription and you have to give the project to the developer as a file and they will add it to their team folder.

So basically if you are a freelance designer, you have to pay for every developer who you want to share your design file with? Or hand it over lock stock and barrel to a developer and not be able to continue editing it! I am not sure this is very workable.

Even then, it appears if you hand it over to another ‘team’ you have to be a member of that team and they will end up paying for you as a member of their team too. It just seems crazy to me, or am I totally misunderstanding?

Please tell me how I can share my design file with a developer who has access to dev mode without us both incurring additional cost.

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