Designing accessibility features within components

For designing accessibility states in components i would love to add an inside and outside border to one single element. Does anyone have a solution / work around for this or could this be a new feature.

Can you show some pictures or a better explanation? You can easily add a border to any element using Stroke properties.

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 15.34.10

I would like to design a accessible state like this within one component. The button on the right is not part of the component and needs a second frame around it which cannot be turned off with a Boolean since its the parent layer with only a second stroke.

It could look like this. 2 strokes applied on one layer

Ah, gotcha, here is an existing suggestion, vote for it: Multiple independent strokes

Update here; I found a workaround (semi) by adding a shadow with 100% opacity and no blur. Only downside is that it is not possible to mimic a stroke gap