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Design system for Figma plugin

Are there any good design systems which can be used for plugins development to make them look and feel more like Figma itself? E.g. Bootstrap based?

There is one in Svelte: GitHub - thomas-lowry/figma-plugin-ds-svelte: Figma Plugin DS components made with Svelte
In React: GitHub - alexandrtovmach/react-figma-plugin-ds: React components of Figma design system
In Vue: GitHub - alexwidua/figma-plugin-ds-vue: 📚 Vue component library that matches the Figma Design System for building Figma plugins.

I don’t think there is anything for Bootstrap. (Can you even use it in plugins?)

Thanks for the links! It looks like they are based on this repo GitHub - thomas-lowry/figma-plugin-ds: A small lightweight design system for use in Figma Plugins. I played with it a bit and it looks a bit unclear for me… e.g. why icon button has different border radius from regular button, or why all buttons have display: flex. I thought maybe Figma has kind of solid solution (including custom components) to make all plugins look a bit more native way.
I used bootstrap in plugins several times, it’s more about packing it. Maybe it worth playing with its customization to make it look more native.