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Dear community,
the width of the sidebar is fix and the names of the styles are therefore truncated.
How can I display the whole level?

Thank you!!

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It is currently not possible to change the width of the right panel. So feel free to leave feedback and vote for this opportunity here: Ability to expand right workspace panel.

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@tank666 what you link to is auto closed and /4325 is missing~!

It’s so frustrating not to be able to change this panel width for these three sections. In Adobe products (ahem) you can. In Slack you can.

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I’ve changed my interface scale to accommodate, the default width of this panel being 218px [or 240px at full] is not ideal especially working with token names and typography and at hand off too. It’s bewildering.

Understand that some of those boxes within Design are important to remain nested to each other but can this container panel not be extended?

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Figma, pls fix it. It is so user unfriendly.