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Design in Figma is larger than what I see on the browser

My design looks larger on the browser and on the screen than it actually is.
So as an example, I have a box, that’s 233 pixels, on figma, on 100% zoom, it actually is around 286px from my image snapping tool.

This is a huge concern, as my designs in FIgma are larger than what they actually are in the browser. Really concerning issue.

So my 12px font looks big on Figma, and I use it, but when it gets implemented, it looks too small, because Figma’s not showing me how it actually is.

You changed the Interface Scale settings:,Smaller%3A%20Ctrl%20%2B%20Alt%20%2B%20-

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Oh man, that was it! Why does the interface scale change the artboard too. This is insane.


I agree. And the interface font is soooo freaking small by default.