DELETE method for the Dev Resources REST API

I am using the Figma API to deploy documentation links to the dev resources in dev mode. This is a great feature that allows useful, contextual information to be put in front of developers where they need it. The API currently offers Create, Read and Update options… but no DELETE. This makes it hard to tidy up large numbers of dev resources once they have been deployed into a file. Options to solve for this are;

  • do it manually (not realistic for many dev resources)
  • pair the REST integration with a plugin which does have an API to delete dev resources.

This seems like an omission (particularly given how its supported on the plugin API) and hard to see how this can really offer the kind of flexible integration opportunities without also offering a delete method. Stale or unreliable links are almost worse than having no contextual information. We are in danger of training developers not to trust them

This is great feedback! Raised this with the team and they agree. They’re loking into what it would take to add it. Thanks for bringing this up!

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Just following up – we now have an endpoint for deleting dev resources: DELETE /v1/files/:file_key/dev_resources/:dev_resource_id

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very cool!