Defaults for Auto Layout Resizing

This needs to be a setting at the very least.

My personal experience is that almost every View I design, the components are going to stretch the full width of the parent, minus padding or the room taken by other sibling components. This does not apply to height.

Auto layout is great because it mimics development, and it forces consistency. Everyone should be using it imo, and clicking to set ‘fill container’ every time is way too time consuming for how important it is.

  • A Setting that influences the default behaviour of Auto Layout. You can set default to fill container, fixed, etc, for any supporting element you place.
  • Allow elements to still be ‘Fill container’, even when they don’t have an auto-layout parent. The fill container property is just not active until it is put inside an auto-layout component. This prevents a component from switching to fixed when moved, and forcing the user to reselect fill container
  • At the very least, a keybind that allows you to set fill container quickly.
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