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Defaults for Auto Layout Resizing

Been using auto layout a LOT recently and it’s absolutely game changing. My only gripe is that resizing defaults to fixed width, when 90% of the time I’m using “fill container”. I could see an argument both ways, but curious if others feel the same way.

A solution, although cumbersome, would be to allow users to set a default themselves for auto layout.



I also have this gripe. I use Auto Layout to build pretty much every section and it’s annoying how sometimes moving frames with Fill Container somewhere else will default to Fixed Width.

I think a good middle ground is default to Fill Container when moving to Auto Layout parent and keep Fixed Width for everything else.

Not sure, but setting “fill container” as the default might mess up the page when applying auto-layout while “fixed width” sort of mimics the previous state when auto-layout was not added. So seems logical?

Maybe this should take constraints into account and set resizing based on that

Absolutely agree. I actually came here to write the exact same thing you wrote.

I think the default settings when changing Auto Layout “direction” should be improved.