Default focus on a section/frame on page load

Allow designers to set one frame/section as the default focus so that when a stakeholder like PM/Engineer randomly opens a page in Figma project, they can see the right things designers want them to look at. A lot of times, stakeholders get to the right frames/sections when links with frames are shared. But then they often navigate to different parts of the file and it is difficult for them to see where to look at in a page.

Maybe page level thumbnail capability instead of per file?


VP of Design weighing in here… We move so fast at Sigma and depend on eachother’s past work upon which to design new features. This would help us find the most up to date designs and avoid introducing deprecated or future work in our projects.


I was search actually searching online if Figma supported this functionality already, when I stumbled upon this request. Designers often have a lot of drafts in their files. This would be super for collaboration with developers, PMs, and within design teams.

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Yeah, I’ve resorted to having a separate file for Stakeholders, but having to manually update that file was a chore.

Our current way of working is having one page with the latest version (The one stakeholders see/visit) and sub pages for iterations. I have a component with the state/version that links to the subpages and a link back to the main page.

Still cumbersome, but it seems to work relatively well

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