Default color styles appeared on my design system

Hi, I don’t know what happent.
I normally work with the colors that I publish on my design system library.
However, today Figma shws me the “default” figma color palette. This color palette is called “Team name Colors” (blurred for obvious reasons).
I’ve confirmed that the only library available on my team is the Design System one (the one you can see above the “Team name colors” one)

Can somebody please help me get rid of this unsolicited colors?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Look in your team files. The Team colors file is generated by default and should be there. Simply delete it.

Hi. The file is not there. And other members of my team can’t see this palette.

Have you tried search?

Hi Antoine.
I have tried search, yes. Mi colleague is working in the same team as me and she doesn’t see this.