Deactivate preview images in Email notifications

Whenever you receive a comment notification via Email, you are presented with a nice thumbnail of the context where the comment was posted (either the cover of the file, or the overview of the whole page, or even a specific frame).

This is in principle great, and I’m sure everybody loves it. Our problem in BMW is probably an exceptional edge case, but it’s jeopardizing our ability to roll out Figma officially. The problem is…

Figma goes to great extents to ensure the “security” of your designs, be it through their access permissions, 2-factor authentication, the security of their AWS servers, etc. When it comes to strictly confidential content (for example an image of a previously unreleased vehicle), it’s all for nothing when the image is placed on an email. Then you’re relying on the security of that person’s email service, their password strength, etc. I.e. everything out of the control of Figma and our company.

I get emails on the weekly of people shocked that they see these confidential images attached to their Figma comment notifications. I’m afraid one day it’s going to explode in our faces.

So far the only solution from Figma is to somehow “convince” all of our Figma testers (more than 100, would-be a few hundreds when official) to turn off email notifications. Unrealistic and unreliable.

What we dream about is a simple checkbox in the Team or Organization settings that says “show preview thumbnails in email notifications”. Please! :cry: :cry:


+1 – We also have security concerns with the images in comment notification emails. Please introduce a way to turn this off a the Team or Project level. Thanks!


This is a great feature as it also reduced the amount of images/data being sent by email. We have a limited email box and these types of emails fill it up very quickly!


Small bump to mention that the new update to Figma Notifications (more granular) seems to have reset people’s settings, meaning that for all the people we managed to convince to deactivate Comment Notifications, they are getting Emails again, with the massive confidentiality risks that this poses.

I tell you what, include the ability to disable this in the Enterprise tier and THEN we will be happy to pay for that :laughing:

+1 for Deactivate preview images in Email notifications configuration!

Especially as those preview images are publicly available on the internet (just open the preview image from your email-client on the browser) for crawlers to catch: