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Cycle through variants rapidly via a keyboard shortcut

TL;DR I want to select a variant by what it looks like, without needing to (mentally) translate it into words. Let me cycle through variants rapidly with a keyboard shortcut.

Example: (exact key combinations flexible)

  • Cycle to next variant: CMD + Ctrl + >
  • Cycle to previous variant: CMD + Ctrl + <
  • Press and hold either down to rapidly cycle through all

Process steps (what I should be able to do):

  1. Select a component variant I’ve placed in a design frame.
  2. Use a keyboard shortcut to quickly cycle to the next variant.
  3. If I overshoot (cycle past it), use the related keyboard shortcut to cycle back one variant. (shortcut with “<” instead of “>”, for example)


  • My eyes stay in one place, instead of moving back and forth between the icon and the variant properties in the right panel. The eye-travel requires re-centering each time, to triangulate the correct drop-down.
  • I don’t have to navigate several drop-downs, each with multiple options.
  • A huge reduction in time required.

Options (other ways of accomplishing a similar outcome via images):

  • A “next variant” button in the variants section on the right UI panel

  • Right-click a component, click “See Variant Options”, and a pop-up displays that component’s variants. Click the one that looks right.

  • Select a component, click a “Choose from Variants” button (near the “Go to Main Component” button in the right panel), select a different variant that looks right

  • Right-click a component, click “Change Variant”, and a drop-down list (similar to current functionality) appears, but with added images of the variants


  • The “Swap Instance” panel accomplishes a similar task, but with instances instead of variants

Additional thoughts: “A picture is worth a thousand.”
Translating a visualized images into words like “disabled”, “hover”, “inactive”, “primary”, etc… takes human computing power and increases cognitive load. It also takes more time.

When I drop a component into place, I want to quickly switch between variants to pick the one that fits best. And 9/10 times I will know which variant I want immediately when I see it. I don’t want to take time to switch several options in the right panel, struggling for just the right combination. A keyboard shortcut let’s me get there quicker.

Anyone else had this frustration?

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Yes please! I was just googling, looking for a shortcut to toggle through variants.